The Association of Supply Chain Management Professionals is a professional body for Supply Chain and logistics personals founded to serve the industry in Malaysia. The prime objective is to identify the need and potential to develop Supply Chain and Logistics Management profession in Malaysia to maintain the nation’s leading position as a regional Logistics Hub.

In order to achieve the said objective, the society will collaborate with world class organisations to meet its vision, mission and objectives.  
Practically all areas of the Logistics spectrum are represented in the Society. Shippers, Freight Forwarders, Academics, Students, Carriers, Personal Effects Movers, e-commerce and digital trade and other individuals and organisations form our core. With an emphasis on commercial experience and expertise, we are the lead platform for the development of Logistics and collaborate and engage with our members, government, professional organisations and professionals in raising the profile and expertise through a range of activities. Members of our association are recognised as members of a professional body.

The society was formed by Supply Chain/Logistics professionals with the following objectives :

To be the respected leader in the supply chain management profession by being the body of knowledge through training and education as well as being strong advocates to the industry and government

To enhance Malaysia’s economic prosperity by driving and setting the standard for supply chain management excellence


  • To promote professional development of Supply Chain & Logistics Management in Malaysia
  • Deliver online and print thought leadership to Malaysian and global audience
  • Training & Skills Development of Logisticians in Malaysia
  • To serve as a resource centre for its members and parties interested in Logistics and Supply Chain Management